GREEN BOOK : 2018 Juried Exhibition Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA)

GREEN BOOK: 2018 Juried Exhibition
Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA)

ULTRA VIVID DREAMING, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. and Shikeith
Blue Sky: Oregon Center for Photographic Arts (Portland, OR)

PLACE NAMES, manuel arturo abreu and Christopher Paul Jordan
The Art Gym at Marylhurst University (Marylhurst, OR)

Place Names roundtable available for streaming HERE.


THROWN, feat. Angelica Maria Milan Lozano and Sofia Cordova
Bridge Productions (Seattle, WA)

Counting Devices, new work by sidony o'neal
Portland Pataphysical Society (Portland, OR)

Torrent Tea: Queer Space and Photographic Futures
Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, OR)

Eli Ridgway Gallery (San Francisco)

A survey of imaginative revision to the field of portraiture:
Gillian Wearing, Cindy Sherman, Diane Arbus, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Pieter Hugo, Adi Nes, Nina Katchadourian, Carrie Schneider, SuttonBeresCuller, and TV Moore
*Reviewed in Daily Serving, Art Practical, and 7x7 

Wattis Institute (San Francisco)

Exhibition examining contemporary, socio-political iterations of the apology
Includes artists Mark Boulos, Slavs and Tatars, Amalia Pica, Omer Fast, Shaun Gladwell et al. 

100 BOOTS : A Continuing Narrative
Co-Curated by Chelsea L Perry

Exhibition re-staging and documenting the movement of Eleanor Antin’s 100 Boots postcards
Complete documentation lives online at

Special thanks to the Steven Leiber archive

AMERICANA : South Dakota
Wattis Institute  (San Francisco)

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